Bryanne Elaine

Multimedia Strategist

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For Creative Entrepreneurs

I deliver high-end PR, Marketing, Branding, and Business Development solutions using proven methods, tools, and technology, fit for creative businesses of any size. I’m incomparably resourceful, energetic, accountable, and responsive. I work to harness converging media to amplify the voices of diverse cultural identities, ultimately building community around our differences and using the arts in media to inspire civic engagement.

I want to work with companies that take risks and stretch the imagination to enlighten their audiences with fresh perspectives.

 Develop your business. 

Connect with your audience. Tell your story.

COO/Co-Founder of Color Coded Media Group 🏳️‍🌈 

Executive Producer | Communications Strategist | Operations Specialist | Writer | Curator

Creative Business Development | Branding | Marketing | Publicity | Publishing | Consulting